Facebook Ads

Why Advertise on Facebook

If you’re new to business, you might be wondering if Facebook advertising is the best course of action to help you grow your business.

Well, whether you’re a business that is just getting started or a business that is looking for new ways to grow, there are so many reasons why advertising on Facebook is a smart choice.

1. Your audience is on Facebook

Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users. That’s more than the population of China (1.4 billion people) which is the largest country in the world. With this volume of users, there’s no way you can’t find your target audience on this platform.

That means you have the opportunity to reach new customers and people that might be interested in your business.

2. Ads are tailored to your specific goals

Facebook offers a range of advertising objectives, so you can choose the options that suit your needs and business goals. You should select the advertising objectives that will help you reach your goals. Whether your goal is to drive engagement on a post, send people to your website, find new customers for your business or make more sales, there’s an advertising objective to help you.

3. Targeting capabilities

The good thing about Facebook is that Facebook ads can be targeted to people by location, age, gender, interests, demographics, behavior and connections. You can also use more advanced targeting tools such as lookalike Audiences, which lets you target people similar to the people who have already engaged with your business, or you can focus your targeting option to a more specific audience.

What Makes Facebook A Good Advertising Platform?

1. Facebook Audience Targeting

Facebook has so many tools that allows it to target people based on certain criteria and one of those tools is called audience targeting. With this feature, Facebook can target people based on their age, job, income, location etc. This is why Facebook advertising is so effective.

2. Facebook Lookalike Feature

Another useful advertising tool or feature that Facebook has is the Lookalike feature. With this tool, you can target people that look similar to your customers. These are the type of people you want to attract, Facebook will help you do that.

Our Role

Creating the ads

We are going to create ads that will catch your audience’s attention.

A / B Testing

We are going to test the ad copies, images, videos, call to action (CTA) etc, to make sure your ads speak to your audience.


We are going to take a look at your business and develop a strategy that will work for your business.

Customer Aquisition

We are going to send potential customers to your phone, email or physical location depending on how you prefer to be contacted.


Facebook Ads

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