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JOZKA Distributor Partnership Program


Thank you for your interest in JOZKA Distributor Partner Program. It takes more than one person to build an organization. It is based on this fact that we’ve put together this partnership program to enable you and our organization to form a partnership that is based on mutual benefit, a partnership in which both parties are winners.

What Is a Distributor Partnership?

We define Distributor Partnership as a relationship between an Independent distributor, a Referral Partner or Sales Rep and a supplier in which the parties agree on objectives, policies and procedures for ordering and distributing the supplier’s products.

Lifting the barriers on Partnership

In a traditional business environment, there are lots of barriers that make it difficult for young entrepreneurs to start a business. One of those barriers is minimum order requirement that demands for upfront large capital investment. Most young entrepreneurs do not have such large cash to invest. What we’ve done is that we’ve lifted that barrier. In our business, there’s no minimum order requirement. You can purchase any quantity of our products as your capital allows you. We also offer other forms of Partnerships that do not require capital investment.

We want to create opportunities for young entrepreneurs and we want to make it easy for you to do business with us. We’re building an ecosystem where everyone is a winner. If you’re willing to work with us, we will support you with quality training that will allow you to achieve sales. That said, we want you to understand that success takes work and effort and successful partnership requires trust, transparency and commitment.

We offer three types of partnerships.

  1. Independent Distributors:

We define independent distributors as an individual, business or Organization that is capable of purchasing and selling our products.

  1. Referral Partners:

We define referral partners as an individual, business or organization that sends a client to us in exchange for a payment reward.


  1. Sales Reps:

We define sales reps as an individual, business or organization that sells our products on our behalf in exchange for commission payment based on sales.  ​​​​​​​

What are the Benefits of becoming a JOZKA Distributor Partner?

1) Independent distributors:

  • Low start up cost. There’s no minimum order requirement. Feel free to purchase our products as your capital allows you.
  • Low discounted pricing or preferential pricing
  • Training and marketing support.

(2) Referral Partners:

  • No capital investment required
  • Payment rewards for each client you send to us.
  • Training and marketing support

(3)  Sales Reps:

  • Revenue Share: Sell our products and generate commission based revenue stream.
  • No capital investment required.
  • Training and marketing Support.

What Makes a Partnership Successful?

It’s understood that in a partnership, each side has their own vested interests. Good partnerships are transparent about those interests and are built upon the understanding and reality that the success of one partner leads to the success of the other.

As a partner, we both have roles to play and we both have commitments to make if the partnership is to be successful.

Here are some core key questions we ask:

  1. Are you ready? Do you have the resources to invest in the partnership?
  2. What are your goals? Will the partnership help you reach your goals?
  3. Are you able? Do you have the skills and competence fit that the partnership demands?
  4. Do we have similar values? Is there a culture fit?

Those are the metrics we use in selecting our partners.

What makes a Partnership unsuccessful?

  1. One sided partnership. A partnership in which only one side is winning and the other is not.
  2. Lack of transparency. Unable to clearly define goals, outline commitments and communicate clearly with the other party.
  3. Lack of skills or training

Those are serious mistakes that both parties must avoid if the partnership is to be successful. In the case of lack of skills or training, we do support our partners with training to enable them win because we believe that if they win, we also win.

Decision tree: which partnership option is right for me?

Scenario 1: If you have money to buy and sell our products, you’re qualified to be our Independent distributor. 

Scenario 2: If you do not have money to invest in the business then Referral or Commissioned Sales Rep should work for you.

Whichever option you choose, there are tremendous benefits in partnering with us.

Interested in joining our partnership program, fill up the form below and let us know which of our products that you are interested in.