Jozka Distributor Program

Thank you for your interest in JOZKA Distributor Program. It takes more than one person to build an organization. It is based on this fact that we have put together this distributor program to enable you and our organization to form a partnership that is based on mutual benefit, a partnership in which both parties are winners.


Lifting the barriers on Partnership

In a traditional business environment, most manufacturers often request for minimum order quantity from buyers. We have heard stories of young entrepreneurs who could not get started due to the minimum order requirement, stories that really made us sad.

When we first thought of launching this program, the first decision we reached was to wave the minimum order requirement so as to make it easy for anyone to do business with us.

We have decided to take a different approach; you can purchase any quantity of our products as your capital allows you.

We want to create opportunities for everyone. We are building an ecosystem where everyone is a winner. If you are willing to work with us, we will support you with quality training that will allow you to achieve sales. That said, we want you to understand that success takes work, effort and commitment.


What are the Benefits of becoming a JOZKA Distributor?

  • Low start up cost. There is no minimum order requirement. Feel free to purchase our products as your capital allows you.
  • Low discounted pricing or preferential pricing
  • Training and marketing support.
  • Free customer referrals. Any purchase inquiry from a prospect that lives within your geographic location will be forwarded to you.
  • We can create customized products with your own brand name.
  • To signup, Click here