Do you need a business or personal website?

We build both business and personal websites

We have 3 different service plans!

Please select a plan that suits your budget. See our pricing and service plans below.

There are 3 main requirements you need, in order to have a functional website.

1. Domain Name

Domain name: This is the name that someone will type into the web browser or Google to find your website. Your domain name could be your name, for example or any other name you want as long as it has not been registered by someone else.

2. Hosting

Hosting is a place on the internet where you store all your website files, this is called a server. It runs 24 hours nonstop.

3. Website Builder

Website builder or website designer / developer: If you want to build your website yourself, you need a website builder to help you. Website builder is software that allows you to build websites without writing codes. There are lots of website builders out there that you can use.

Web design pricing is usually based on a number of factors.

1. The size of the website you want to build

2. Features and tools you need for the website.

For example, a one page website with some text and images will cost less than a 3 or 5 page website with more features and tools.

When building a website, you should decide what you want. How many pages you need and what features and tools you want for the website. That will help you to choose a plan that is within your budget.


NB: If you want a business website, the features, and tools you’ll need to deliver the result you want will be different from a personal website. 

Why Most Websites Don't Make Money.

Most websites don’t make money due to one or two of the following reasons:

1. The site does not get enough website visitors.

2. The site is not optimized to convert site visitors into clients.


If your website is currently under performing, there’s no cause for alarm!, we will help you fix it.

If you don’t have a website yet, we will build you sales driven website that will easily convert site visitors into customers.

Payment Plan

Option 1:  One Time Payment – 100% Upfront Payment.


Option 2: Two Times Payment – 50% First payment, and 50% Second Payment when the site is completed.


Option 3:  Three Times Payment – 40% First Payment, 30% Second payment and 30% third payment when the site is completed.


Option 4:  Four Times Payment – 25% First Payment, 25% Second payment, 25% third payment and 25% fourth payment when the site is completed.

Our pricing & Service plan

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